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Wholesale Supplier of Evolution Knit Towels in UK

Commercial Linen UK offers Wholesale Towels in a wide range of colors, including blue, cream, green, lemon, lilac, peach, pink, and more to the International HealthCare and Hospitality industry. These towels are specially designed to help reduce laundering costs, as each product is constructed to eradicate snagging and minimize shrinkage completely. The towels offer a luxurious feel while being better for the environment. They have proven quicker drying times to help lower carbon emissions and are well-constructed to be virtually indestructible – eradicate snagging, tearing of hems, and fraying of selvages.

Each of our towels is exceptionally colorfast and can be thermally disinfected with confidence. So, no more wastage! Our advanced technology and hard-working team ensure that we bring you the best products at the best prices for years to come. At Commercial Linen, we have sourced the highest quality wholesale range offering exceptional value for money, quality, and savings when you need to wholesale volume products.